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To join our wait-list, download the 'New Client form' from your computer (phone wont work) and send it to us along with current vaccine information.  We will put you in our queue and call you when we are able to invite you in for your meet and greet.

Welcome to our pack!

Dog Townsend specializes in hosting social dogs who love being here!  We invite every dog and their people on a tour and pre-screening in order to tell if we are a good match.

The relationship we establish with each dog allows them to feel at home here.  It takes time to get to know each dog.  We host local dogs who attend daycare . 



We cannot host any dog that behaves aggressively (including overly dominant play) toward dogs or people.​


Dogs must have current vaccines (Rabies, Distemper combo, Bordatella). Be sure to check your dog's vaccine status before you give us a call to set up your tour/interview.


​Dogs over 7 months old must be spayed/neutered.


​Dogs must be healthy and flea free.


Dog Townsend is on residential land.  Most folks are surprised by how quietly our pack plays!


If the interview goes well and it seems like a good match, we'll schedule a 2-hour trial visit.  We look forward to getting to know your dog and welcoming him/her into our pack.

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