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One-on-one time       




Nature walk (trail circles our 11+ acres)

Training practice (we'll practice your routines)


We are happy to send your dogs home from camp smelling and feeling fresh and clean when you order a bath!

Quickbrush $5-$15

Deep Brush or furminator $15-$40

Basic Bath (wash, towel dry) Priced by weight

Deluxe Spa                                                                      

Bathe, condition, blow dry, brush, trim nails*, and clean ears         

add $20-$30 to price by weight, depending on length and condition of coat.

If your dog is severely matted, we will try, but cannot promise perfection. We are not a grooming facility.  We offer these services only to our clients.


Other services                         

$20 Nail trims  (*only if your dog isn’t too upset by it.)

$3 each  Puzzle time!, Ear cleaning, Eye care, Tooth brushing, Peanut Butter Kong,

Feeding: We recommend keeping your dog on his/her own diet. 

If you’d prefer, we will feed high quality dry food for $2.50/cup.   

wilson fetch_edited
Lil' Bear and Jan walking
Lisa and Gus
Belly Rubs
Eli in the bath_edited
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